The Impossible Dream of a Thousand Alchemists

I often feel like a body into which three different people have been shoved

I’m having my first on-site teaching experience at a Title I elementary school on Wednesday. it’s going to be heavily supervised and I’ll have lots of preparation obvs but I’m still nervous, but also excited that it might turn out great!

Why do you think the "Moffat = misogynist" thing has been such a successful meme despite the weakness and arbitrariness of the readings behind it? from Anonymous


Because Moffat is often doing things that are meant to make the audience feel uncomfortable. And the big weakness of the “pick at culture’s scabs and try to reflect its ugliness back at the audience” is that sometimes you get mistaken for the very ugliness you’re critiquing.

See also the grand tragedy of how people responded to Rorschach’s seductive poisons in Watchmen.

I watched too many Christopher Nolan movies with an anti-Nolan bias already in place. Rewatching The Dark Knight tonight and it is near-perfect, every bit deserving of the praise.