When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears

serious anime talk time: what the fuck is with anime’s treatment of women? like, it’s almost obligatory in every anime to have some sort of bizarre sexual streak or to overtly treat at least one female character as a sex object. and this objectification isn’t even at the expense of good female characters, but in addition to them - just lots of women who are well-written and everything but also unashamedly supposed to be looked at for their sexiness. there’s an extent to which Western action movies/shows do this, but with anime it’s just over-the-top: skimpy outfits, outrageous sexual poses, weird come-ons to the protagonist, fuck, it never ends

it’s to the extent that a Venn diagram of ‘really great anime’ and ‘anime I would watch with my parents (for example) and not be embarrassed’ has a vanishingly small middle. like… Cowboy Bebop, Baccano!, the Studio Ghibli oeuvre… there’s not a lot. (it seems to be a lot worse with series than movies)

and I understand there’s a different culture and a different energy in Japanese animation, but what cultural difference could possibly explain all this bizarre psychosexual imagery???? i mean, otakus are hated in Japan too, they’re looked at as weird there too. it can’t be THAT different.

i would expect women to be kind of put off by the whole genre given all this, but surprisingly they’re generally not. i know lots of women who have embraced the aesthetic of anime sexiness, and that’s great. it doesn’t explain or rationalize whoever or whatever caused that aesthetic to come into the world, but it is great. i’m glad it’s not driving away women from a genre that does have its legitimate, unique pleasures.

i’m just confused because it seems like a thing that everybody has just agreed not to talk about, like it’s something you have to learn to “appreciate” or at least learn to deal with in order to get to the actual good stuff, and that’s totally not a thing in any other medium. am i totally missing something here.

my part in this play I got cast in is described as a 5’9” bodybuilder… like, obviously I can’t lose seven inches but maybe I should take this as an excuse to bulk up. that’s what real actors do to prepare for a role!

basically every moment spent being sad is a moment that would be more usefully spent being angry