The Impossible Dream of a Thousand Alchemists

Really really sad that all my time for reading and writing has been subsumed by reading and writing for school.

I mean, I still make time to read a book for pleasure in addition to the reading I have to do in class, but not nearly at my ideal pace. And writing? Forget it. Writing is work. It’s immensely satisfying and pleasurable work, but I usually can’t justify sitting down and busting out a few pages of screenplay or working out a beat sheet when I should be planning or writing an essay (and I am swamped with essays). Writing essays exhausts the same mental muscles as writing a screenplay or novel, but doesn’t actually make one better at it, so I’m just not in the mood to work on a thing of my own free will when I could be doing something legitimately relaxing.

fun way to make your poem more profound: start the first line with “And”

BONUS TIP: start the first line with “&” for an even more unique and stylized feel