My friend wanted me to get some Game of Thrones on his comp but he’d never done any illegal downloading before, he didn’t even have WinRAR. I installed it fresh and kept waiting for the dialogue box to tell me the trial period was up so I could close it, out of instinct, but it never came. It fucked me up

Has anyone else ever seen a show and been like, “this is pretty good. not one of my favorites, but pretty good” and then made it an invaluable part of their aesthetic anyway because they like the tone so much




Now that’s what I call justice 


I died at “cats have literally no concept of gender identity”

Man, this photoset always pisses me off. I mean, I have an issue with the first image that sides with the “color/gender/orientation-blind” original poster, but whatever. That’s not the big issue.

There are some funny images of social justice concepts brought into contexts where they don’t belong. The implicit message being “these stupid fucking Social Justice Warriors, right?”. I have a hard time getting angry at either side; I agree with the SJW side of things 99% of the time, but either they’re legitimately wrong here or (more likely) it’s some trolls pretending to be SJWs. But clearly SJWs are the primary target of this photoset, right? I think that’s obvious.

So it’s infuriating to see a LITERAL NAZI lumped in with “those crazy SJWs” in the last image. There’s no excuse for that. If you are confusing SJWs with Nazis, you have a horribly inaccurate conception of either SJWs or Nazis, and possibly both. Ruins an otherwise funny photoset of people responding humorously to (most likely) trolls.

I was about to say “start romanticizing tall noodle-boys with no muscles” but most of those people are the dreaded ‘friendzoned nice guys’ so don’t do that

Start romanticizing Mitches instead

The kinds of people who dismiss casual or small instances of racism/misogyny/rape culture/etc. with phrases like “this just makes REAL instances of those things look stupid” are the same kinds of people that dismiss or overlook said “REAL instances”

If you actually think racism/misogyny/rape culture are societal problems then you should be willing to entertain that they might recur at every level of society and not just what you deem “serious” or “real” enough to matter