The Impossible Dream of a Thousand Alchemists

Worst Behavior at #24 lmao fuck the fuck off Pitchfork can I record myself having an epileptic seizure for seven minutes and get to #24 when the best of decade list rolls around

How about you, what's your favorite thing to be complimented on? from theecholessnight

Hypothetically, the best compliment I could possibly receive would probably be “you saved me”.

Historically, one of the better compliments I have ever received and one that sticks with me is “I love the way you look at the world”. It made me feel like I had something special and unique to contribute.

I appreciate you asking, Ray!

when I was young and I listened to All Star I thought the lyric “so what’s wrong with taking the backstreets” was a reference to the Backstreet Boys/*NSYNC rivalry and that Smash Mouth were declaring their loyalty to the Backstreet Boys